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Featured Characters: (Main story and dream) Supporting Characters: Numerous unnamed agents Unnamed editorial staff Jill Antagonists: Centurion (Geoffrey Ballard) (Main story and dream) Other Characters: Unnamed attendees Bogeyman Pulitzer Prize American football Races and Species: Human-Kree Hybrids (Main story and dream) Humans (Main story and dream) Locations: Midtown and Woman Magazine Offices A Park-South Restaurant S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Vortex Beam Items: Vehicles: After having a…

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This week is a big one. Matt Reeves’ top shelf take on the Dark Knight Detective officially arrives in theaters. THE BATMAN is truly excellent. It is a confident and brilliantly crafted case study in what makes the character, and the world he occupies, great. The film is packed with wonderful performances, nods to icon