DIY vacuum bags

Discover how to make your own vacuum bags for convenient and cost-effective cleaning. Learn simple steps to create custom vacuum bags that fit your specific needs.

Reusable Dustbag for Vacuumcleaner: As the vacuumcleaners dustbag fills up it get's slower and slower until it's finaly useless. Dustbags tend to be expensive, single use and at any time the manufacturer could decide to stop making yours, that is if the store still sells them.Enter th…

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Homemade space saver for bulky blankets and coats with a vacuum and a trash bag. Diy Organisation, Vacuum Sealing, Vacuum Bags, Diy Vacuum Bags, Storage And Organization, Household Hacks, Vacuum, Garbage Bag, Garbage Bags

With winter well behind us in most parts, it is once again time to stow away all those bulky blankets. Here is a dead simple tip on how to save loads of space with nothing but a vacuum, a garbage bag, and a rubber band!Bulky blankets, pillows, linens, clothing, you name it!Vacuum with a hoseGarbage bagRubber band 1.Fold the blanket, winter coat or whathaveyou. Stack several on top of each other if desired.2.Place the folded material into the garbage bag.3.

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DIY Vacuum Packing (a.k.a the Poor Man's Spacebag)

OMG so much better than SpaceBags!!!

Force Flex Trash Bags work great!!!

eHow also has great Instructions!

DIY Vacuum Packing (a.k.a the Poor Man's Spacebag): You've all seen the Spacebag infomercials on TV promising to triple your storage space using a vacuum cleaner. Well here is a simple way to achieve the same effect using materials you already have!I came up with this while packing for school and get…

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