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Discover a curated collection of unique and affordable eBay finds that cater to every style. Find the perfect items to elevate your home decor, fashion, and more.
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How A Single Mom Went From Working Two Jobs To Making $5,000/Month On Her Flipping Side Hustle We are super stoked to introduce our friend and Flipper University student, Kelly, who we are interviewing today. Since we are active on social media, we always get a kick out of the interesting comments we get in response to some of our crazy big money flips. We’ve had people think we are doing well flipping because all the deals are in Florida. We’ve also had people think our year-round warm…

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My husband who has been working out of state for several months, just got back a few days ago :) It’s been so nice to just hang out and do the things we like to do together. One of those things is thrift shopping. Most people have no idea how many awesome things you can

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Have you thought about reselling items you find at yard sales on eBay, but you are not sure what would sell? Learn about five items that are generally priced low enough at yard sales to make a profit reselling them on eBay. Back before I started a blog, and even before I renovated three homes with …

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