Eco friendly interior design

Create a sustainable and stylish home with eco-friendly interior design ideas. Discover how to incorporate environmentally conscious materials and practices into your home decor for a greener living space.
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Bamboo is inherently beautiful, versatile and robust. In various design sectors around the world, it is favoured for its natural applications and sustainability. A durable material, it also has a softer side and can be transformed into fabrics or textiles. Discover new ways to approach the holiday spirit, deck the halls in Eastern elements, garnish your tableware in inky blues or keep to classic infused with cultured traditions.

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Discover the importance of using sustainable materials in interior design. Learn about the benefits of reducing waste and promoting a circular economy, and get tips for incorporating eco-friendly materials into your next project.

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What is Biophilic Interior Design? What are the 6 Design Principles of Biophilic Design? How can I make my home Biophilic? If you crave a deeper connection with nature, learn examples of biophilic interior design so you can have a biophilic home without being a biophilic architect.

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