Elephant walk

Witness the awe-inspiring sight of elephants walking together in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these majestic creatures and learn about their fascinating behaviors.
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Some of you seem amazed at what Emily (and Helen) can prepare in the kitchen when she turns her hands to it. My best piece of advise - start them at a very early age. And be prepared to clean up a mess, making it more important that it is fun rather than proficient. I think the photo below was taken the day we made pasta. Kids love that because if you make enough then they can treat the leftovers like playdough. That day they rolled out an extra long bit and put it on the floor, adding eyes…

Poppie Tullett
Digital art piece of a herd of African elephants walking across a plain. The elephants are depicted with intricate detail, showcasing their grace and power as they move. The muted colors and textured layers of the piece add depth and dimension to the scene. Design, Africa, African Elephant, Wild Animals Photography, Herd Of Elephants, Nature Animals, Elephant World, Elephant Walk, African Sunset

Experience the majesty of African elephants in motion with this stunning digital art piece. The artwork depicts a herd of elephants walking across the vast plains, their graceful movements and powerful presence captured in intricate detail. Add "Graceful Giants: A Herd of Elephants on the Move" to your collection and feel the spirit of Africa come alive.

Lois Johnson