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Prepare your household for any emergency situation with these essential planning tips. Learn how to create a comprehensive emergency plan to keep your family safe and secure.
Be Prepared for an Emergency—Pack These Essentials in Your “Go” Bag and Keep It at the Ready Life Hacks, Camper, Zombies, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Skills, Emergency Go Bag, Emergency Bag, Emergency Packs, Get Home Bag

YOU’D HAVE TO BE asleep at the wheel not to be thrown by news about all the catastrophes in the world, in our country, maybe in your state. And while disaster won’t affect everyone, superstorms, wildfires, and unrest hitting your news alerts on the regular is enough to ensure you don’t sleep at all. Being prepared can ease your worried mind, even if there’s the slimmest chance the worst will happen. Nearly half of us don’t have a stash of supplies—food, water, first aid kits—according to the…

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Essential Non-food Emergency Storage Items You Need Disaster Emergency Kit, 72 Hour Emergency Kit, 72 Hour Kits, Emergency Survival Kit, Emergency Preparation, Disaster Preparedness, In Case Of Emergency, Survival Prepping, Survival Gear

When we think of food storage, an image of a closet or garage lined with canned foods may be the first thing to come to mind, but emergencies require much more than adequate food. J. Bart Mills of Shelf Reliance says, “Food is a great foundation to start with, but it’s crucial to build upon this foundation so your family is prepared for whatever comes your way.” One of the best ways to fully prepare your family for an emergency is to stock up on non-food items that may often be forgotten…

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Texas Sisters: Ideas for your 72 hour kit Emergency Preparedness Fhe, Emergency Preparation, Survival Prepping, Survival Skills, Emergency Kits, Emergency Planning, Emergency Management, Emergency Food, Planning Guide

Having a 72 hour kit packed and ready to use is a great idea! Suggestions for what to put in your 72 hour kit can be found here Another list is here Try not to get discouraged at the length of the list- pull together what you already have and make a plan to add to your kit as you can. There is no need to wait until you can afford the perfect backpack or fancy foods- just start with what you have on hand and build your kit from there! Tip: One blog I read said that the pop top cans they had…

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