Eye painting

Explore a collection of mesmerizing eye paintings that will ignite your creativity. Discover unique techniques and styles to create your own stunning eye artwork.
One more by @adrian_gottlieb !  . . . . . . #arts_gate @watercolor_arte

One more by @adrian_gottlieb ! . . . . . . #arts_gate @watercolor_arte

Janice Young
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No artist on the planet can deny the fact that one of the most difficult entities to imitate is painting an eye. There is this talk about a lighting angle, shadow effects and shape but also the expression that matters a lot. Having said, “The eye is the mirror to the soul.” they are not just any means to view something but also portray exactly what one's heart is feeling. How can drawing and painting and eye be a task easier when it is the only thing that conduits the human emotion, hence…

Ellen Tetzlaff