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Elevate your style with unique and stylish fiber jewelry pieces. Discover top ideas to add a touch of elegance to your look with these trendy accessories.
Wrap It Up Tutorial - a traditional way of dealing with cord ends. #beading #tutorial Craft Accessories, Cord Ends, Diy Bracelets, Cord Jewelry, Fabric Jewelry, Diy Accessories, Fabric Necklace, Beading Tutorial, Beading Jewelry

I have had lots of wonderful comments on the fiber wrapped cords that I use to make neckpieces. I call them "neckpieces" because they are usually more like a scarf than a necklace. I wanted to share how I make the wrapped cords with you. The inspiration to make these came from the Winter 2010 Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. "Wrapped, Jeweled and Embellished Creations" is the name of the article by Arline M. Lowenthal. I start with cotton clothes line. I measure the length that I want the…

Marta McCall
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I’m a little obsessed right now with incorporating fibers and handcrafts into jewelry. I’ve always been really attracted to handcrafts such as crocheting, knitting and needlepoint. As a product developer and designer, I look for ways in which artisans can create unique handcrafts and make money doing what they love. The inexpensive cost of labor [...]

Felicia Szorad
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I am still trying to find new ways of using up my fabric twine.I love the way it looks, so I keep making it, but one can only display so much of it lol.The other day my husband mentioned he was looking for some summer bracelets, but couldn't find any he liked that weren't costing an arm and a leg.Fear not!, I said. For I have a plan!I have been playing around with an idea for turning my fabric twine into bracelets, so his comment came handy to give me the kick I needed to turn my musings…

Julianne Downes

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