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Explore the world of figurative art and be inspired by top ideas to add depth and emotion to your artistic creations. Discover the power of human form and express your creativity today.
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Looking for the perfect reference pack to bring your mermaid illustrations to life? Look no further than our latest mermaid-themed reference pack, just in time for Mermay 2023! You can see a little demo from the set used by Waldemar Kazak in his latest artwork! Artist credit: New Pack: Join our discord to share your work with us!

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Zinaida Serebriakova was born to a noble and artistic family. For most of her youth, her paintings were optimistic and bold, capturing the beauty of both the Russian landscape and the people who inhabited it. However, the October Revolution in 1917 sent her life into turmoil and she had no income after her husband died. She was eventually commissioned to create a piece of work in Paris and was not permitted to return to the Soviet Union after. She never moved back to the Soviet Union, and…