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Delve into the captivating paintings of Francis Bacon as he skillfully portrays the enigmatic persona of the Pope. Discover the thought-provoking artistry that challenges traditional perceptions.
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Francis Bacon, 'Study for Portrait II' (1956). I completely forgot about Francis Bacon. I like painters who paint churchmen. Botero does too - paints churchmen - although I'm not sure if he likes people who do - paint churchmen. Michelangelo painted churchmen into his fresco of the Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel - so I'm sure he got a kick out of that. There are many examples of churchmen in art. I should say church people, because sometimes nuns are painted too. I painted a nun in the…

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Screaming Pope Painting By Francis Bacon Review : 🌹 Recently, I came to acclaim this painting by which Francis Bacon( 1909~1992, Ireland) painted. I am viewing this artwork, not only that, trying to understand his philosophy, although I cannot know his entire life and his whole artwork to the bone... It was known that he taught himself how to paint, and then after twenty years, he held a private exhibition. In the meantime, he designed his grotesque and deformative art style, which seems…

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