Handmade miniatures

Explore a world of creativity with our collection of unique handmade miniatures. From dollhouses to tiny food replicas, find the perfect addition to your collection and bring your imagination to life.
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Mozu may be just 20 years old, but the artist is already crafting awe-inspiring miniature worlds. Works like "The Stairs of the Dwarf" take four months to complete. The artist’s recreations of his bedroom, telephone poles, and “my working desk” show a knack for recreating the everyday in diorama format.

John Simpson
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Do you like to make miniatures that are replicas of items that you collect in real life? I sure do! If I decorate my life size home with something I will make it in miniature form in a heartbeat! I go to yard sales and estate sales and can't help but look for and buy old paint brushes. They have so much charm. I decided to make tome tiny ones and they turned out so cool! Gather together some old or cheap paint brushes that you don't mind cutting the bristles from. Cut out hole punches from…

Dawn Viands