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Explore intriguing history facts that will leave you in awe. Discover captivating stories and interesting trivia that will expand your knowledge of the past.
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1. Persian King Agha Mohammad Khan once ordered the execution of two servants for being too loud. Since it was a holy day, he postponed their execution by a day and made the servants return to their duties. They murdered the king in his sleep that night.

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The world is far more complicated than some of us like to think. Morality isn’t black-or-white, historical facts are often hazier than we’d like them to be, and the interconnectivity of everything means that the deeper down the knowledge rabbit hole we go, the more lost we can sometimes feel.

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It’s true that you learn something new every day. And with the help of the internet, it’s never been easier. It’s brimming with information on anything and everything, which is why most of us have no problem finding material about even the most niche of topics.

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1. In 1014 A.D., after defeating a large Bulgarian army at the battle of Kleidion, Byzantine Emperor Basil II had 99 of every 100 prisoners blinded, leaving each 100th man with one eye so that he could lead his comrades home. Upon seeing his thousands of blinded soldiers, the Bulgarian Emperor reportedly died of a heart attack.

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If it ain’t weird, interesting, and enlightening, it ain’t got any place on the Weird History Twitter page. Home to nearly 177k adoring fans, the Weird History project embodies the best aspects of education in the digital age: make it short, make it precise, and make it fun. Throw in some spot-on illustrations and boom! You’ve made yourself popular with fact-lovers all over the globe.

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