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Fashion Illustration for Designers & Illustrators: Marker Demo - Sequins Fashion Sketchbook, Vogue, Vetements, Fashion Design Sketches, Fashion Figures, Fashion Design Drawings, Fashion Drawing, Fashion Illustration Sketches, Fashion Design

Step 1: Using the lightest gray marker, color in your first shade leaving the shine blank. Step 2: Using the lightest gray marker, make small dots into the shine. Step 3: Using the medium gray marker, color in your second shade leaving the space for your light shade and blank shine. Step 4: Using the medium gray marker, make small dots into the light shade. Step 5: Using the black marker, follow the same steps of the previous gray markers. Marker the black shade and make small dots into the…

Taylor Morgan
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Lou Claverie for Paquin. Twelve fashion designs on a single sheet for evening dresses and ballgowns. 1) 'Turques.' Cerulean blue swathed ballgown with full skirt. 2) 'Chrismas.' White mermaid sheath with long sleeves, fur band around bust with floral corsage. 3) 'Autilles.' Extravagantly ruffled and tiered black satin and moss green chiffon or tulle strapless gown. 4) 'Sicile.' Black long-sleeved sheath with huge black net ruffles down skirt front. 5) 'Mytiléne.' Violet-blue halter-necked…

José Roberto