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Discover the beauty of impasto painting and learn techniques to create texture and depth. Get inspired to create your own stunning impasto masterpieces.
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When it comes to the art of painting, there is no limit to this as there are new aspects being added on a regular basis. So do not be confused if you do not know what impasto paintings mean as they are somewhat of a niche art in the world of painting. Impasto paintings are created using a technique where the paints are applied thickly to create works of art creating shades as well as textures. However, this new area of painting should not surprise you at all as new techniques and concepts…

Indira Kahawita
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An introduction to textured florals - Impasto art. Impasto painting is a painting technique that involves applying thick, textured layers of paint to a surface like canvas. In the case of impasto floral painting, artists use this same technique to create lifelike, 3-dimensional flowers and petals -often with a range of palette knives to help achieve the different shapes/sizes. One goal of this type of painting is to create a sense of depth and volume in the blooms, making them appear to jump…

Mariah Lavanway
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Looking to experiment with impasto palette knife painting? Here is a quick cheat sheet of my favorite supplies to get you started. While I strongly prefer using oils to achieve texture, heavy body acrylics paired with a good medium can almost mimic the textural qualities of oils. (**This is not sponsored by any of the following companies, it is simply my list of favs) Oil Painting Supplies 1. Gamblin White Oil. This will help you achieve a nice buttery consistency and is about $50 for a 16oz…

Sharon Hrabovsky
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To capture the depth of an enchanting river alcove or bucolic landscape, Russian artist Anastasia Trusova works in what she calls “textured graphic impressionism,” a unique style that expresses emotion through detail and volume. She uses a combination of palette knives and brushes to deftly layer acrylic paints into dreamy scenes: heavy impasto forms lush foliage, coiled lines shape thick clouds, and an array of smaller dabs become fields of wildflowers. “I don’t think about the rules. More