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Discover creative K Bar designs and setups for your home or business. Find inspiration to create a stylish and functional bar area that will impress your guests.
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A Delicious Classic Bar for any occasion! Ingredients: 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Corn Syrup 1 cup Peanut Butter 6 cups Kellogs Special K Cereal 1 cup Milk Chocolate Chips 1 cup Butterscotch Chips Directions: In a pot on the stove at medium heat, stir the sugar and corn syrup constantly until boiling. Remove from heat and stir in Peanut butter. Put cereal in a large bowl. Pour the sugar over the cereal and mix well. Pour into a lined cake pan and press flat. Melt together both chips on low heat in a…

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Special K Protein Meal Bar Double Chocolate 6Count Boxes Pack of 3 *** More info could be found at the image url. (Note:Amazon affiliate link) #HealthySnacks Fitness, Food Packaging, Protein Bars, Snacks, Best Protein Bars, Protein Foods, Cereal Bar, Cereal Bars, Protien Bars

About this item Tasty meal bars made with a satisfying blend of crispy soy and corn puffs, chocolatey chips and a coating of chocolate flavored deliciousness Fuel up with the irresistible taste of Special K Double Chocolate Protein Meal Bars; with delicious ingredients and protein to keep you moving forward A good source of protein and 12 vitamins and minerals; 12 grams of protein per bar; a good source of fiber (contains 5 g total fat per serving); see Nutrition Information for Saturated…

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