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Explore the world of Kpop with the top groups that have taken the music industry by storm. From catchy melodies to powerful performances, these groups will keep you hooked. Find your new favorite Kpop group today!
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Updated November 14 KST: SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa revealed a photo that showcases æ-aespa, their virtual avatar counterparts! Updated November 13 KST: SM Entertainment has shared details about aespa’s debut performance of “Black Mamba.” aespa’s debut stage will take place on November 19 at 6 p.m. on the group’s YouTube channel. This will feature

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Updated November 27 KST: ENHYPEN revealed their second music video teaser for “Given-Taken” as they gear up for their debut! Updated November 25 KST: ENHYPEN has released an eerie music video teaser for their upcoming debut track “Given-Taken”! Check it out below: Updated November 23 KST: ENHYPEN has released a preview of their upcoming debut

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