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Fragrant, Lilium 'Brindisi' is a highly romantic-looking LA hybrid Lily that is full of charm with its upward-facing, soft pink flowers revealing a deeper pink throat. The pleasantly scented blossoms, up to 7 buds per stem, contrast nicely with the lance-like green foliage. LA Hybrid Liliums result from a cross between Asiatic and longiflorum lilies.

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An exquisitely beautiful lily, in summer Anouska Double Flowering Oriental Lily reveals its fascinating fully double white blossoms kissed with sweetheart pink edges and pink shading. A heavy bloomer, its remarkable flowers have multiple rows of heavily ruffled petals. Its incredible lush blooms make stunning bouquets. Its stems are very sturdy. Anouska has superior garden performance. It has larger than average blooms, is intensely fragrant and has an exceptional long bloom time. Anouska is…

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