Mario y Luigi

Explore the world of Mario and Luigi and discover their fascinating adventures. Get tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes insights into the iconic gaming duo.
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This high-definition wallpaper features an image of mario luigi sleepover - mario and luigi bros in transparent PNG format. The wallpaper’s dimensions are 459x537 pixels, and the file size is 268.4kB. The image ID is 229000.

Kay Cee Capana
What I Made Today: TUTORIAL: Mario & Luigi Nintendo, Molde, Mario Art, Mario Characters, Super Mario Art, Mario, Mario Bros, Mario Brothers, Mario Kart

This is the final post in my Super Mario Brothers costume tutorial series - wahoo! Between making the costumes and putting together tutorials, I feel like I climbed Mt. Everest. Today I focus on the two most beloved characters - Mario and Luigi. I'll start with instructions on how to embellish the hats, since the rest of the costumes are more assembled than made. Supplies for Hats Red or green hat. I bought these newsboy caps from White felt. Red or green felt to match hats…

charlene couvreur