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This heartfelt memoir of a therapist who is also in therapy herself, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is a rare look into a world and experience that is often very private. Mental Health, Therapist, Memoirs, Bestselling Author, Faith Based, Nonfiction Books, Reading Online, Nonfiction, Fiction Books

The stories of Gottlier's patients are interspersed with her own therapy sessions, for an interesting narrative on humanity and the things people face - and work to overcome - behind closed doors. It's insightful, thought-provoking, and offers a lot to learn along the way.Price: £11.35

Barbara Johnson
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As I've mentioned before, I try to always be in the middle of several books at once so that I've got a pick to fit every mood that might come up. My "ideal four" genres to always have going on? An adult fiction, a young adult fiction, a nonfiction (often a self-help or religious title),

Sherry Greer

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