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Minecraft blocks

Explore a world of creativity with these unique Minecraft block ideas. Discover how to build stunning structures and create amazing landscapes using a variety of blocks in Minecraft.
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Cake is a food produced through crafting, which can be placed on a solid surface, giving the ability for any player to consume. Once it's placed, it can't be recollected with the use of a Silk Touch pickaxe nor with shears. Cake stands 1⁄4 lower than a regular block. It has white icing and a red cherry-like topping. It restores 2 () per use and has a total of seven uses. Cake doesn't drop when broken. Cake can't be eaten like other foods such as cookies and enchanted apples; instead, it can…

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TNT is a craftable block that explodes 4 seconds after being ignited. TNT is ideal for excavating several blocks at a time, or as a trap for Mobs and/or Players. TNT can be activated by any of the following methods: Using a Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge. A powered Redstone current. Being shot with a Flame-enchanted arrow. Being shot with an arrow shot through lava or fire. Being in the blast radius or a nearby explosion. Being summoned, though it will detonate immediately. Being fired…

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