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Explore a variety of Montessori art activities to foster creativity and independence in your child. Discover engaging ideas that encourage self-expression and hands-on learning.
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In the last couple of weeks, we've been focusing on drawing with oil pastels and creating with clay; however, every couple of days, I will also set up a new and interesting art tray. Some of these are just for fun, others are to help develop fine motor skills. Let's take a look at the last eight art activities we've tried! Salad spinner art - I cut some cardboard in a circle the same diameter as the bottom of our salad spinner. I presented this with some small squeeze paints (ours are from…

Jenna Wanefalea
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There are lots of good reasons to include items from nature in our art trays. Nature items have different textures and smells and provide a different experience to using paper or other stationary items. Using items from nature also: demonstrates resourcefulness - using what is readily available in the environment promotes creativity and out of the box thinking promotes learning about seasons and seasonality - what resources are available and when respects our natural environment leads to…

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Choosing colors & painting water over them. Watching the water smooth them down and colors bleed together. Tissue paper art is relaxing and suitable for any age level. It's perfect on it's own as a process art activity or as a colorful first step. Tissue paper painting is also known as a tissue paper bleed.

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