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Psychology experiments

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Stanley Milgram Shock Experiment: Summary, Results, & Ethics

Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University, carried out one of the most famous studies of obedience in psychology. He conducted an experiment focusing on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience. Milgram

Psychology Experiments-  The following is a list of the most famous psychology experiments in history. Most of which would be considered unethical if conducted today.

Psychology Experiments- The following is a list of the most famous psychology experiments in history. Most of which would be considered unethical if conducted today.

4 Psychological Experiments That Will Completely Change The Way You See Yourself

The human psychology is a vast realm that is still being explored today, and with every new finding comes a new surprise to how little we know about ourselves. Throughout history, psychology has evolved so much, and there have been many experiments and studies that have completely altered the way we perceive ourselves. But perhaps these 4 were one of the most significant. The “Door” Study The phenomenon of ‘change blindness’ demonstrates just how unaware we can be of the things that are…

Some of these social psychology experiments offer surprising insights into how and why people do the things they do.

A social experiment is a type of psychological research that tests how people respond to situations. Learn more about some of the most famous social experiments.

Little Albert Experiment | Simply Psychology

Watson and Rayner (1920) conducted the Little Albert Experiment to answer 3 questions: Can an infant be conditioned to fear an animal that appears simultaneously with a loud, fear-arousing sound? Would such fear transfer to

“What Are Some Dark Psychology Tricks That Actually Work?” (30 Answers)

Some people may think of psychology as less of a science than physics or biology, because they might consider it subjective and don’t believe in personality types. But as any other science, psychology has a question, then a hypothesis and ways to confirm or deny it through experiments. It also can apply the results for problem solving.

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Der Forscher Dr. Masuro Emoto soll mit dem Reis-Experiment bewiesen haben, dass Wasserkristalle tatsächlich denken können. Probiere es selbst aus! #experiment #experimentieren #wasser #reis #psychologie #emotionen
This is similar to the sand flea experiment if you have seen that circulating around social media. Where fleas that are kept in a jar have off spring that never try to jump out of the jar. This is because they are born with the belief that they cannot jump that high or that they cannot leave the jar. The point of the experiment is that limiting beliefs effect our true life abilities; what we are able to do, what we try to do, and what we can accomplish.
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