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Welcome, fellow Wes Anderson enthusiasts and appreciators of all things whimsical! If, like me, you are a fan of the meticulous and curious aesthetic of Wes Anderson's films, you may feel inspired to infuse your daily style with a touch of his distinctive charm. And if so, you are absolutely in the right place. In this blog post, I will breakdown the art of dressing like a Wes Anderson character, with added focus, of course, on how incorporating my very own Wool & Water, made to order…

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You may or not remember but last year I started hosting my very own bookclub on IGTV. I absolutely loved creating those videos, they were a great way to connect fellow avid readers, start a conversation and truth be told on a slightly selfish note, they simply encouraged me to read much more regularly. The only drawback was I just didn't feel like I was getting enough of a discussion going on each video and it kind of started to feel like I was just talking at myself so I decided to quit…

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