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"A little bird told me that you like me." "That little bird lied and I want it dead." "That's what I thought." I guess this can be considered a modern AU? They just have modern technology, but every other details are the same. Here are snippets of their conversations. I didn't focus much on plot (if at all). Just something for fun, and to help mend the broken hearts from "Ripples" (╥_╥)

Lilian And Lucas
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We owe a big thank you to past scientists who set the stage for today's modern technologies even though some of their creations can be puzzling to us now. Think of Leonardo Da Vinci and his flying car or Thomas Edison and his discovery of the light bulb. Their brilliant ideas have shaped the world we live in and continue to inspire innovations.

rida john

Sup, I'm a narrator and this is a story about how U, yes u! Get involved with the cast of bnha! Not the real life actors, not getting sucked into bnha... This is a story about how your favourite characters of bnha (Iida) messed up mineta's phone number and got yours instead, you lucky bitch 😎✊ Now join your self on this magical journey of "Aw shit, Are you real?" Also bnha does not belong to me nor other creators of bnha fanfics! Although it seems like a lot of work to make my hero…