Rip tattoos for aunt

Pay tribute to your beloved aunt with a beautiful RIP tattoo. Explore meaningful tattoo designs that will forever remind you of her love and presence in your life.
I wanna get this in memory of my grandparents and other relatives that have passed. Just put dates under one another Tattoo Liebe, 4 Tattoo, Piercing Tattoo, Get A Tattoo, Tattoos And Piercings, Heart Tattoo, Foot Tattoo, Tattoo Fonts, Tattoo Hearts

Upon having a discussion with some other birth moms I've met online over the past year or so, I started to wonder about all of the different ways we can honor our birth children (or just plain ol' "children," as I prefer to call them). Of course each adoption story is different, as is every birth parent - child relationship. While we are all proud of our children, whether we are raising them or not parenting them, some are much more open than others. Birth parents, how open are you about…

Stephanie Elliott