Road trip checklist

Prepare for your upcoming road trip with this essential checklist. From packing the right supplies to planning your route, make sure you have everything you need for a stress-free and memorable adventure.
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This summer hundreds of millions of people are opting to drive to their vacation destination rather than fly, my family included! We have two children and I'm already trying to make plans and pack accordingly for our 11 hour drive. Because I'm already scouring the internet for ideas, I thought I'd help you all out,

Diana Forsythe Curran
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This road trip packing list will help you prepare for your next big adventure on the highway, whether that’s a cross-country family road trip or driving to the beach with pals. I’ve road tripped in about 10 countries and 30-something states and these are my top things to bring on a road trip and a free packing checklist to help you stay organized.