Soft summer color palette

Explore a beautiful and calming color palette for your summer home decor. Discover top ideas to create a soft and serene ambiance with subtle shades and delicate hues.
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In 2021, I had a professional color analysis done. At that time, I kept my hair highlighted to a light blonde. Jen, from Your Color Style, determined I was a Bright, Cool & Light color category in the Summer color season. The color palette in that category includes cool-toned colors in a medium hue. I...

Elinor Thorne
Summer, Inspiration, Color Analysis Summer, Seasonal Color Analysis, Fall Color Palette, Summer Color Palette, Color Palette, Color Analysis, Summer Colors

The Soft Summer Palette In the 12 Seasonal Color System, Soft Summer (also referred to as Summer-Autumn) is a season dominated by softness and coolness (Soft and Cool). Soft Summer falls between True Summer (Cool and Soft) and Soft Autumn (Soft and Warm). The palette focuses on colors with lower chroma (soft as opposed to

Haylie Brook McCartney