Steampunk backpack

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It's strange, isn't, the way that certain things crop up at the same time, take, for instance, the day I started making my Rocket Back Pack, at exactly the same time, a number of other makers around the world were doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING... So, without further ado, here is my 'take' on the rocket pack and helmet: The front of the pack, with leather straps and helmet. The Rocket Pack itself. The Pack in close up. The 'Business End' of the rocket engines. Co0ntrols on the left-hand…

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A small backpack made of brown and black genuine leather, with inserts of thicker leather. It has a unusual shape with numerous embellishments in an antique gold color. The contrasting stitching adds a unique touch with thick leathercraft threads. The alternative appearance is influenced by steampunk and medieval styles. At the front, there is a small pocket, while on the sides, there are two snap-fastened pockets. On the back, there is a zippered pocket. Inside, there is a sturdy rip-stop…

Armando correa
Steampunk Backpack for the Poor.

Steampunk Backpack for the Poor.: Brass is expensive and the good looking parts are nowhere to be found... So, just use plastic stuff, toys, car parts, kitchen utensils, some electronics and paint to make it look nice! The electronics are even optional, it looks just allright…

Tyno Rozema