Tall flowers

Enhance the visual appeal of your garden with these beautiful tall flowers. Discover how these towering blooms can add height and drama to your outdoor space.
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Where to buy Artificial Flowers? Shop Afloral for cherry blossoms, fake hydrangea, artificial lilacs, and an array of wildflowers and peonies. We offer an elevated selection of curated premium stems. Wholesale pricing is available. See what customers have to say about our stunning fake flowers.

Coty Schack
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Most gardeners are familiar with classic perennials such as daylilies, peonies, hostas, and iris, but there's a whole host of less-known perennials that also can add color and interest to your garden. They may be a little harder to find at your garden center or online, but these gorgeous perennials are all worth the effort.

Wendy Fenech