Texas landscaping

Transform your Texas garden with these beautiful landscaping ideas. Create a stunning outdoor space that thrives in the Texas climate and enhances the beauty of your home.
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Making your home the envy of the neighborhood is easier than you think when you choose Texas native plants in your landscaping. Native plants mean low maintenance, less water, and higher chances of success. It just makes sense. Here's the Top 15 Texas Native Plants that Will Make Your Home Look Stunning. Want to grow your own garden? It's easy with these tips. With so many Texas native plants to choose from your home's landscaping can look great not only right now, but for years to come. A…

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You may have seen on Instagram that we've been sharing some inspiration for our landscaping renovation! Thanks to the massive Texas snow-maggedon this past February, we were finally pushed to tackle the yard...

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Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a very very busy day for me. The past 48 hours saw first preview audiences for "Sense & Sensibility"... Plants, Flower Beds, Shaded Garden, Texas, Gardening, Texas Plants, Texas Gardening, Texas Landscaping, Drought Tolerant

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a very very busy day for me. The past 48 hours saw first preview audiences for "Sense & Sensibility" and also "Into the Woods". Both went fairly well and now I'm back at home taking a morning off with my family. I also have the morning to journal and do some preliminary planning for my garden next year. As you may know, I'm planning on ripping out my front lawn and planting drought tolerant species that will require far less water and no mowing! Since…

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If you live in Texas and you’re feeling stuck in your landscape design journey, don’t worry! While the climate of Texas often requires drought-tolerant landscaping ideas, that doesn’t mean that you can’t beautify your front yard with ornamental grasses, succulents, pavers, and so much more! So, follow along for the best front yard landscaping ideas

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