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Explore a wide range of modern and traditional Hanbok designs for every occasion. From vibrant colors to intricate embroidery, find the perfect Hanbok that reflects your style and heritage.
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I don't own all of the characters. Most of the credit goes to the creators of Hwarang and my friend who helped me create this story along with the summary below, @mint_potato ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ji Dwi x OC/Reader "It ached me to see him break your heart (Ha Eun / (Y/N))....I wanted to give up everything and be there for you... B-Because I love you..." "Aren't you suppose to marry me?" "Sisters always stick together, no matter what..." (Kim Ha Eun / Kim (Y/N))…

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When you wear underclothes and outer garment of hanbok in proper order, it will make an elegant look. But figuring out the order can be hard. Use our handy step-by-step guide whenever you need to wear hanbok. The wearing order is different depending on the type of hanbok you have. Step 1. Wear the undergarments (if you have them). Undergarments for hanbok consist of the beoseon (hanbok socks), sokbaji (underpants), and sokchima (underskirt). If you have them, wear these underneath your…

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Description Glimja's Hanbok Story 2 about Goguryeo. = ⓒ 2017. Glimja The 2nd book 한복 이야기 - 조선 이전의 우리옷 (Hanbok Story - Before Joseon Dynasty) set to release on June 2018 :: The 1st book 한복 이야기 - 조선시대 우리옷 (Hanbok Story - In Joseon Dynasty) on sale here :: =