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Explore the lives and careers of these amazing TV stars. Discover their journey to fame and get inspired by their incredible performances on screen.
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The '70s was a memorable time in television history, and there isn't a shortage of iconic characters we still admire today. If you're like any other kid who grew up in this decade, you'd be hard-pressed not to be able to identify one of these lovable TV personalities. From the groundbreak ...

Kit DuRocher
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TV became popular in the 1950s, but the 1960s saw its real explosion. By the end of the 60s the vast majority of US household had a television. With this gain in popularity came the addition of more channels and more shows, and it wasn't all about watching the news. TV became a way to rela ...

Leana Olivas
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When it comes to getting naked in front of a camera, Hollywood stars have all kinds of stories. Whether they're working through a choreographed sex scene or just hanging out in the nude, most of your favorite actors have bared it all at one point or another and created some of the most iconic moments in film history. To be clear, we are never, ever advocating for stars to be pressured into nudity they're uncomfortable with, or for movies to rely on objectifying women's bodies in lieu of…

Roland Olli
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Whether you grew up in the 50s or you just enjoy classic movies, I think we can all agree that there's something special and unique about this golden age of film. Not only was there much more originality in Hollywood, but we got to see performances from legendary actors like Grace Kelly, M ...

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