Vintage wallpaper patterns

Transform your space with timeless vintage wallpaper patterns. Explore a variety of designs and create a charming and nostalgic atmosphere in your home.
Vintage Damask Wallpaper by Mr & Mrs Vintage for NLXL - Available at The Pattern Collective Vintage Wallpaper Patterns, Victorian Wallpaper, Antique Wallpaper, Damask Wallpaper, Wallpapers Vintage, Pattern Wallpaper, Cute Wallpapers, Vintage Backgrounds, Wallpaper For Sale

Overview Mr & Mrs Vintage are the creative director and president of NLXL. Together they are curators of the NLXL line of products. The Big Patterns Editions comprise original century old pattern designs. Instead of converting this pattern to a roll of paper we have enlarged it beyond normal, creating a very surrealistic vintage wall covering. Custom sizes available, please send us an email. Measurements • 3 drops - 4.8' x 10.8' • 4 drops - 6.4' x 10.8' • 5 drops - 8' x 10.8' • 6 drops …

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Vintage pieces offer a unique and timeless quality to any outfit or home decor. Incorporating vintage pieces into your modern style can add personality and interest to your overall aesthetic. In this...

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Rich Queen Anne chintz design - Click Americana Wallpapers Vintage, Vintage Flowers Wallpaper, Vintage Flower Prints, Flower Wallpaper, Vintage Floral Patterns, Vintage Fabric Prints, Vintage Wallpaper Patterns, Flower Print Pattern, Floral Prints Pattern

This huge collection of 1940s vintage wallpaper samples show the decade was more colorful than you'd imagine from seeing just black and white photos. Take a look back!

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53 designs of 1930s wallpaper now available from Bradbury and Bradbury - Retro Renovation Vintage Wallpaper Patterns, Wallpapers Vintage, Pattern Wallpaper, Vintage Walls, Vintage Prints, Vintage House, Retro Style Prints, 1920s House, Vintage Kitchen

Need vintage wallpaper to match the era of your house? With its introduction late last week of 53 reproduction wallpaper designs from the 1930s, Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers now has every era — from Victorian to the 1960s — covered. Bradbury explains the 1930s look: The 1930s were known for both floral and abstract…

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