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Unlock the ancient wisdom and magic of Wiccan runes. Explore the meanings and uses of these sacred symbols to enhance your spiritual practice and manifest your desires.
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Just like any other religion, Wicca has its own vocabulary and symbols which carry spiritual meanings and sacred power. You have likely seen some of these pictures before, so here's an opportunity to learn their meanings and origins. From the Horned God and Triple Moon Goddess (we'll learn more about these in Day 4: Wiccan...

Lillian Haddix
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Have you ever made a choice in your life, that you just felt was right for you, even though logic told you otherwise? You had no way of knowing whether it was right or wrong, but your gut told you and turns out it was the right choice. Well, that gut feeling is actually your intuition, the connection with your higher self that leads you towards the best possible outcome. However, it only happens sometimes, because we are so disconnected from ourselves and our intuition. One of the easiest…

Dawn Cangelosi
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Welcome to Wiccan Key Words Part One! In this series of blog posts we will cover commonly used words in the practice of Wicca and Witchcraft and their meanings. Wiccan Lingo Part One: Balefire: A Balefire is a ritualistic bonfire that represents the God. The Balefire is used in summertime festivals such as Beltane and

Kristy Dixon