Winter mornings

Make your winter mornings more enjoyable with these cozy ideas. Discover ways to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to start your day off right.
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While the period leading up to the winter holidays is usually pretty hectic, leaving us with literally zero time for anything else except work and holiday preparations (also, a mandatory office party or two), once Christmas comes, life usually hits a break and finally lets you relax. It’s also the perfect time to reward yourself with a vacation and visit some of the best Christmas destinations all over the world!

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And just like that, a brand new year! Here's a quick recap of the past month in the studio and beyond: The studio showing off her Christmas spirit into the new year. A clean and bright studio to start the new year. A beautiful frosty morning walk in the neighborhood. Spotted a Magnolia calendar in my sister's house in Asheville! I started painting Farfalle pasta and can't quite seem to stop. Yet another farfalle sketch... More sketchbooking. The first abstract of the year (and my favorite in…

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