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Improve your cognitive abilities and enhance your working memory with these proven strategies. Discover techniques and exercises to sharpen your focus and retain information more effectively.
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Types of Memory: Working Memory Tied to Your Child’s Intelligence This article provides information on the types of memory your child needs for higher learning. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our…

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With working memory reported to be the number one indicator of academic success, it's surprising that most teachers and parents know little about it. Working memory is like a mental dry erase board where we post information until we need to use it in short-term memory. This information is accessible through one's inner visualizations as well as one's inner voice. There are a Number of Misconceptions about Working Memory: 1) Myth: Kids with a weak working memory have ADHD or other learning…

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Working memory can be a problematic issue for many students. As a result, they may forget materials, struggle with multi-step directions, and can have problems doing mental math. Working memory is a workspace in the brain that helps learners maintain attention, manage distractions, and complete tasks. Some students need to develop this ability. Come to ... Read More about Remediating Working Memory Freebie

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