japanese poster design

Im a huge fan if the pastel colors and the placement of the typography including the characters on top of one the people // 想像大街 - 勤美 誠品綠園道

2015.12.16 Release

I like how weird this is! The people don't look like actual people, and there is hardly any value change in the colors. Super interesting to look at

CCOOLL Poster Show | Issue Press

POSTER SHOW is a collection of 17 Risograph prints created for an exhibition at Kornél in Antwerp, Belgium in the summer of Co-released with our pals at CCOOLL. Show flyer by Elevator Teeth.

pretty teeth

Marie-Florentine Geoffroy was a young and talented illustrator based in…

Miami Ad School - I Want You

Examples of notes, sketches, and IDEAS. Subliminal hints and messages over layed with something else.

무중력의 방

South Korean illustrator Jee-ook Choi specialises in creating cryptic and whimsical illustrations that toy with the everyday, throwing small details and idiosyncrasies into her scenes that belie their immediate, perceived normality.