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Grosgrain ribbon Blooming kanzashi flower hair clip Baby Daisy blue Flower hair clip with Diamond Center 5061

hair bow

Cute bows for the queen of the house, this holiday season to sell or even to give away! *** Lindos lazos para la reina de la ca.

How to make a layered bow.

How to make a layered bow. Lay the thin orange ribbon vertical (not shown on step). Place the wide orange ribbon into loops on top of the thin ribbon with one end of the ribbon on the left and the other end on the right.

Video Instructions - How to Make a Korker Hair Bow.

How to make korker ribbon, a korker box and assemble a korker hairbow ((I used 28 3 inch korkers for this hair bow.)) More korkers=fuller bow Where I get.

Korker Bow - free instructions

Korker Bow pictorial - uses ribbon on dowels with clothes pegs, heated in the oven to hold curl, attached using a needle & thread and a piece of paper to hold it temporarily.