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This layout briefly resembles the new Newsletter designed I have created - it looks almost like an infographic. If we could make the web portal UI like an infographic, something that looked equally good when printed would be SUPREME!

Nixon Paul Rodriguez - Ui design concept and website home for the watch series, by Ben Johnson (Elegant Seagulls) on Dribbble.

オリザの米油(こめ油)|オリザ油化株式会社 : 81-web.com【Webデザイン リンク集】

オリザの米油(こめ油)|オリザ油化株式会社 : 81-web.com【Webデザイン リンク集】

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This website design for Master Chef Korea has a real photographic quality to it--looks like a magazine!

Unique resume.

Resume Design: Your CV talks a lot about you and your career. So if you want to have a lucrative career, it's important to have a professional resume design.