IoT Business Models

Business Models within the IoT - How is data used? How are devices sold? Who owns what?
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Smart Factories Business Models
Internet Business Models
A strict Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model is less common in the IoT world. In a certain sense, connected home electronics and connected white goods fit into this category.
The Business-to-Business-to-Consumer business model is best described as an indirect distribution approach. Having the right contacts and selling proposition is critical for success. Some examples of this indirect distribution model include classic IoT solutions like fleet management, predictive maintenance and physical security and surveillance solutions. But this model also includes some newer, innovative offerings like luggage tracking services and aviation-based cargo tracking.
Big Data Perspective
Application payer vs. User payer model
Internet Content Business Models
5 Types of Web Businesses
The Business-to-Business (B2B) model is the most classic model in IoT. Some classic examples of this B2B model would be oil pipeline monitoring, some CCTV/public sector deployments and smart metering in the utility sector.

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