Feet, shoes, text; How to Draw Manga/Anime

It's very helpfull for people who finds hard to drow shoes someone is like me.How to draw shoes (flip flops, geta, and high heels) by JY/circus-usagi (How to draw feet +shoes) on World Manga Academy

그림 강좌.JPG | Daum 루리웹

Japanese tutorial on drawing poses in motion (p. - "Where is contrapposto (counterpose) used?


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ひざ 膝 by KITAJIMAのお絵かき研究所 もっと見る

A delicious fuck-ton of human knee references. Yeah, just a quick mention of one of the above images… there’s a cyst on one of those muscular diagrams… don’t… don’t include the cyst in normal anatomy. But, yeah.