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Fish Care, Tips, Tricks

Find everything you need to know about fish care, tips and tricks for making keeping fish easier, how to get the most out of the hobby, feeding, lighting…
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photo of 3 betta fish swimming around together Betta Fish Tank Mates, Betta Fish Care, Hepper, Aggressive, Happily, Chosen, Species, Aquarium, List
Betta Tank Mates – Safe and Compatible Species for Your Betta Tank
Betta splenden are well known as fighting fish. They are territorial and aggressive, and so any tank mates need to be chosen carefully. Here's a list and discussion of acceptable species who can happily share a space with your betta.
photo of a goldfish with it's mouth open on a white background Fish Care, Aquarium Ideas, Goldfish, Evidence, Myths, Memories, Tips, Memoirs
Goldfish Memory – Just 3 Seconds? Is this True or Just a Myth?
So goldfish have a 3-second memory, do they? Are you sure? There's a ton of evidence to the contrary, which we look at in this article.
photo of goldfish swimming around Swim Bladder Disease, Outdoor Ponds, Stages Of Sleep, Rem Sleep, Have A Good Night, Brain Waves, Veterinarian
Do Goldfish Sleep? Do They Close Their Eyes? Do They Dream?
Do goldfish sleep? Have you ever seen them taking a kip? If you want to find out, come on over and find out what we discovered.
photo of a white and orange goldfish in the corner of a tank How To Find Out, Turn Ons, Skin, Light, Check
Why is my Goldfish Turning White?
Did you know that light affects your goldfish’s skin? To find out more come on over are check this detailed article.
picture of an orange goldfish jumping out of a glass light bulb full of water Much, Trick, Light Bulb, Artificial, Night, Dark
Do Goldfish Need Light? And Darkness? How Much Of Each?
How much light do goldfish need at a time? What they need is a day/night cycle, just like most other animals. And artificial lighting can help tremendously with that. Let's get into the details in this article.
photo of a white betta fish Betta Fish Tank, Keeping Healthy, Live Long, What You Can Do, No Worries, Bowl
How Long do Betta Fish Live?
If kept healthy and happy, and properly cared for, how long do betta fish live? Are there things you can do to help them live longer? Let's find out.
A close up of a white and orange goldfish Famous, Truth, Canning, Big, Home Canning
How Big Do Goldfish Get? What’s the Average? And the Biggest EVER?!
How big do they can? Let’s take a look at this most famous but widely misunderstood species and learn the truth. How big do goldfish get, and what size can they grow to at the very biggest?
2 orange goldfish in a bowl with blue pebbles. Swim, Growing, Tank, Space, Aquariums
Do Fish Grow to the Size of Their Tank?
Goldfish need space to swim and grow to be happy. So in this article, we explain why they need the right tank size.
photo of a goldfish swimming upside down Pet Goldfish, Upside Down, The Cure, Swimming, Goldfish Bowl
Why Is My Goldfish Swimming Upside Down? – How to Fix The Problem
Ever found yourself asking the question: Why is my goldfish swimming upside down? Well, let us tell you why and what it means.
2 Ryukin goldfish  swimming Goldfish Care, Ryukin Goldfish, Hump, Critter, Breeds
Ryukin Goldfish Care Needs, History, Tank Mates, Facts and More
Ryukin goldfish are a short and stout breed with a pronounced hump on their backs. To find out more about the care, history, and lots more, come on over and check out our detailed article.
photo of a tosakin goldfish Goldfish Types, Rare, Photos, Pictures, Counseling
Tosakin Goldfish Care, Characteristics, and Tank Setup
Tosakin goldfish are rarely seen, and I struggled to find many photos to share here because of it. Learn all about this rare goldfish type here.
photo of a Butterfly Tail Goldfish Goldfish Breeding, Tailed, Funny, Butterfly, Guide, Pets
Butterfly Tail Goldfish
In this guide, we take a detailed look at the butterfly tail goldfish. One of the rarer types, incredibly beautiful, and particularly significant when viewed from above.
photo of a oranda goldfish Oranda Goldfish, Aquaponics Aquarium, Origins, Cookie, Gardens, Basic
Oranda Goldfish Care Guide, Breed Profile, Photos and Basic Info
Learn all about the beautiful oranda goldfish, from its origins and history to its care needs, preferred diet, and compatible tank mates, all with images and video.
orange goldfish swimming. Boredom, Teeth, Tummy, Nutrition, Learning
What Do Goldfish Eat? Learn What To Feed Your Goldfish
What do goldfish eat? Learn all about what they eat and their teeth and tummies too, in this great article.
photo of a black and orange goldfish. Normal, Nature, Animals, Black
Why is my Goldfish Turning Black? Is it Natural? Or Cause for Concern?
Why do goldfish turn black? Is it something to worry about, or is it normal? Is there a solution? Find out all you need to know in this detailed article.