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Classy Hangover Kit | 42 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

Wedding Favor Idea - A Hangover Helper Kit! Yes, go ahead and LOL (I sure did!), but don't you just love the idea of sending your guests out with a "hangover helper" kit? Sounds like a must-have for all the full-throttle wedding party animals.

Reindeer Washcloth Filled with Bath Goodies

Lloyd: You should do this with your soap for the holidays! washcloth reindeer - stuff it with bath goodies - maybe homemade soap==cute gift idea

Hot chocolate on a spoon!

Hot chocolate on a spoon! Simply melt dark or milk chocolate chips, a spoonful of Nutella. When chocolate starts to harden place a wooden spoon in the top and add a cute tag or ribbon.

Toffee Blondie Mix | 38 Best DIY Food Gifts

In-A-Jar Mixes Table for Market Day: see different mixes to make for variations. Ingredients in a jar, a creative and homemade gift for any occasion! Above is a Toffee Blondie mix kit.

More school supplies. | 30 Punny Valentines For Everyone You Love

Since I'm usually the pencil project Queen for each holiday why not .Just Write Valentine: are perfect for school! What teacher wouldn't want to see more writing utensils in the classroom?

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