The relentless pursuit of perfection. and these sunglasses in particular are our favorite and ray^bans

Icons & Badges  Foodzy.com    We created the icons & Badges for Foodzy.com.   An online game and app for Android & Iphone.

Dutch illustration duo Loulou and Tummie designed a collection of icons and badges for Foodzy, an online game and app for Android & iPhone.

Jim Sutherland's typographic playing cards are designed with the basic guidelines of neither repeating nor altering any of the typefaces being used

7 Quirky & Creative Playing Card Deck Designs

Jim Sutherland of hat-trick design came up with the idea of creating a typographic deck of cards

Nike Designer Develops Icon System for Game of Thrones - The Los Angeles Egotist

At his day job, Darren Crescenzi is a brand designer for Nike. In his free time, he probably designs interesting things like these re-done Game of Thrones house sigils. The finished set is 42 crests on a poster available for purchase.

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