SKETCHBOOK-Sketches on Behance

SKETCHBOOK-Sketches on Behance Clear & Economical use of contour line. Smart use of white chalk & simple hatching to indicate form

Kitchen knife handle, process sketches, designer unknown | clean simple sketches with a nice use of setback construction grid and circles that give a slightly technical feeling to the artistic sketches,

Some futuristic looking knife concept. Tried to make them in perspective at first, but if you ever tried knifes in perspective you know why i went with this view instead:D

Some wood copic samples from my sketchbook, any suggestions which wooden…

Selected sketches from my 2016 Sketchbook. I like blending digital and analog sketching techniques to create something new. Thats why I experiment in my sketchbooks with different analog and digtal sketching styles and most of the pictures are digitally … - The future of stitches: 3D printed skin fusion concept could heal skins by 2030 | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Andrew Guscott is a London-based design engineer with a Bachelor's from Brunel University, London. He recently shared his design for a revolutionary-looking skin fusion device that would make the lives of doctors and patients the world over far easier.

Chair sketch. Another trancparency exercise, took around 30min. This time Starck. @wrenchbone

This transparent chair by Philippe Starck is another example of how well colored paper and white pencil work together in creating an illusion of.