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Free Coin Sorting and Matching Printables - Fantastic Fun & Learning
free coin amounts clip cards for kids to practice counting and adding them to the coins
Hands-On Activities for Elementary
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Rush Hour Game - How to TEACH Kids How to Tell Time! -
the race to $ 100 game is shown with coins
10 Money Games and Activities for Teaching in 2nd Grade - The Sassy Apple
free money worksheet for teaching with coins
Coin Sorting FREEBIE! - Make Take & Teach
a pink piggy bank sitting on top of a wooden table next to some coins
Piggy Bank Coin Recognition Printable
counting coins is an easy and fun way to teach kids how to count money with this hands - on math activity
Counting Coins Activities
a child's hand is holding a coin and playing with some sort of game
Money War
This coin war game is an engaging and beneficial game for students who are learning about money. It is a fun opportunity for students to practice their money counting skills. The war cards have pictures of coins on them, and the partner who has more money wins both of the cards, like in the card game war. This is also beneficial because the students are practicing more than and less than. This website also provides other great money activities for any grade level.
a sign with lights on it that says, light up the board for a class reward have a great day today
8 Fun Christmas Classroom Ideas To Try This Year
the instructions for making an origami house
How to make large 3D paper bag snowflakes using lunch bags
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How to make large 3D paper bag snowflakes using lunch bags
the printable halloween gift card holder is shown with pumpkins and spider web on it
Halloween Coffee Gift Card Holder - Teacher Halloween Gift - Hocus Pocus Coffee Tag - Coworker Gift