GIF Exercise by Sergey Valiukh | #ui #interface #animation

GIF Exercise


Coffee Maker App

Coffee Maker App This is how you make your personal coffee with a coffee machine app. I've designed an interface that allows you to choose your cup size, your favourite milk type and also to adjust the milk balance.

Designing some stuff for a chat app. Follow us: GitHub | Behance | Twitter | Facebook

Contact Sync

Add / Remove Animated Icon | Motion Graphics in User Interface Design  TAGS: #icon

Add & Remove

Dribbble - UI Animation experiment #1 by Eduardo Oliveira #UImotion

UI Animation experiment #1

Nominazer 2 by Javi Pérez

Nominazer 2

Hello buddies, I'm very happy to announce my first app designed & developed. My goal was create a very simple app using a funny way of interfacing. The app contains a lot of little details an.

iOS Card Animation #UX #UI

iOS Card Animation, to play on the pin about stacks. Could fold open into an article rather than flipping.

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