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Aquatic Exercising Ads: The Sport Life Fitness Club Campaign Shows Bulging Bellies and Toned Thighs (by Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine)

adv / save paper

Simple, yet stunning WWF poster raising awareness about paper consumption and the effects on our environment and planet.

Norton Internet Security “Grenade” Ad by Leo Burnett “In the hands of a cybercriminal, a computer is a weapon.” Norton from symantec Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett

Rademar: Feet

This ad is for Rademar running shoes and says "Reveal your inner runner". The image is very captivating and is a great example of a print ad. It draws attention to the viewer to look closer and see what the somewhat graphic is actually about.

이슈인 - 잠실 롯데월드몰 앞에 부착된 공익광고 대상 수상작

Issue - Winner of Public Service Advertising in front of Jamsil Lotte World Mall


PSA about smoking and what it does to your body. Organs are balloons next to a cigarette representing what smoking does to your organ, a balloon next to a cigarette and smoke wont last long, just like your organs won't last if you smoke

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