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Hacer volumenes de triplay poner tiras de madera para darles textura

This concept model gave me an some sort of an idea of how my final design would be. Unless you really think of a good way to uplift even such a small space!


I like the color contrast in this photo. The use of a dark background brings out the colors in the darker spices that would usually just blend in with a brown background. The spoons bring a sense of organization.


Clever and somewhat tragic, these ice cubes are adorable until they melt into your drink, dooming the tiny ice animals to a slow death as the temperature equalizes or a merciful end if you crunch them first.

APOP X Juneul Huh – B K I D

APOP X Juneul Huh – B K I D

With 33% of older adults in care suffering malnutrition, we felt that the care community, needed disruptive innovation to make a step change.  We partnered with the UK Department of Health, and the Design Council, to explore options.  Our objective – to use a design led approach to keep older adults living with Dementia happier, healthier and in their own homes for longer.  Here is the story….  The statistics for dementia are staggering, with more than 800,000 people in the UK living with…

Clearly fragrance was a powerful link, and we set about to create a simple to use, reliable product that could deliver fragrance as a meal time prompt.