‘Mucha Peonies Apricot’ iPhone Case/Skin by Sandy Strunk

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Divine Proportion

La marquise de Pompadour - François Boucher I would have loved wearing this dress covered in roses!

Graham Fair Vanderbilt (née Virginia Graham Fair) by Giovanni Boldini, 1905

The Art of Fashion: "Inspiration Dior" at Moscow's Pushkin Museum. "A gray tulle haute couture gown from fall/winter 2005 is an updated version of the dress worn by Madame Charles Max in Giovanni Boldini’s 1896 portrait.

lonequixote: “ Three Ages of Woman (detail) by Gustav Klimt ”

"Salomé" painted by Paul Antoine de La Boulaye. Is a French painter. Student of Bonnat, he specialized in genre paintings, the portraits and history painting and religious.

Ophelia Drowning, Paul Albert Steck 1895 The queens lie to get Ophelia buried, because she feels bad about the mousetrap. (Such a detailed description of a death no one saw.

Blackwater Ophelia, 2013 Artist Adad Hannah riffs on John Everett Millais’ iconic Pre-Raphaelite painting. He shot it near Sarnia’s Chemical Valley, which makes you wonder: is Ophelia dying of heartache or water contamination?